We design and build custom, fully responsive HTML emails. We also test them, making sure they look and work great on every device.

How do we fit into your team?

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The Coalition Approach



Let us know what you need, with as much detail as possible. Our step-by-step interactive tool will make briefing a breeze.

Got some things you're not sure about? Get in touch and we'll help you fill in the gaps.

Now would also be a good time to set key deadlines such as the email campaign launch date.


If you've already got a design, great. If not, we'll work with your team to design something that's on brand, on message and results driven.

We use the industry-standard vector-based design tools like Sketch and Figma to create and optimise emails that look great on every device.


Once your design is approved internally, and signed off by other key stakeholders, we'll get to work on bringing your vision to life.

Whether it's a static email or part of a dynamic, multi-channel marketing campaign, we'll use the latest technologies to best serve your customer base.


Prior to launch, we'll ensure all necessary analytics are in place to help you monitor usage, issues and KPIs. Our data setups range from a simple Google Analytics integration through to customised dashboards with automated reporting.

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Why work with Coalition?

Emails have been around forever, but they’re still king at driving conversions and managing relationships.

What we do best is turning static design files into living, breathing emails that build the foundation of your marketing and customer retention strategies.

From MailChimp and HubSpot, to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Outlook Templates, we know how to build emails that consistently look great, and consistently deliver results.